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Volunteering. One word that is revolutionizing the world of travel. Volunteering is the art and passion of dedicatedly contributing to hostels or volunteering based organizations via your skills and interests. While travel is the biggest plus point of Volunteering, it is also quite nice to settle down in a place for a few weeks and explore the city in and out, exploring local magic.

Typically, a volunteering opportunity would span over two weeks involving work based on Hostel Management, Guest Engagement, Digital Marketing, Content Creation (Photography, Videography), Farm Work, Cooking, Music, Web Development and much more. There is absolutely no specialization skill required to become a volunteer, however, you will develop and be enriched through this experience- so really, it’s a win-win! The location for volunteering opportunities will be based in India, varying from Backpacker Hostels to Farms to Community Work with Food and Stay provided as per each volunteering opportunity. Through your skills, you will contribute to the travel community while also basking in the glorious mystical adventures of your trip.

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