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Benefits of Subscription

  • Sure Volunteering Opportunity
  • Contact Host Directly
  • Priority AwaraJi Support.
  • Volunteer Discount on Stay & Experience Bookings.

Steps to begin your Volunteer travelling journey:

  • Sign-up on AwaraJi's website.
  • Complete your volunteer profile with all the required details.
  • Explore active volunteer opportunities on the website located across the country.
  • Apply for the opportunity of your interest.
  • Your profile is then sent to the host, our team will contact you if you're shortlisted.
  • Connect with the host and complete the onboarding process with AwaraJi.
  • Voila! Start your volunteering journey with AwaraJi.

    Want a guaranteed volunteering opportunity? Subscribe with us now and get personal assistance to build a strong profile and get priority access to opportunities!


  • Volunteer needs to complete the yearly subscription with AwaraJi of Rs.599.(Check out the top to see Benefits of Yearly Subscription)
  • After Confirmation, Volunteer needs to pay the amount of Rs.1400 to the Host i.e., 200Rs/day for 7 days trial period.

Expectations from Volunteering Charges:

  • Two Meals & Dorm Stay
  • Access to all the activities conducted by Hostel without any extra charge.
  • Great platform to network with the people from different industries/backgrounds.
  • Chance to give yourself an adrenaline rush through recreational/adventure activities with Hostel troops.

Rules of Volunteering:

  • Volunteers need to dedicate at least 5-6 hours of work daily (it can be splitted into 3 parts in a day, based on the need of the hour).
  • Unlike Guests, Volunteers will be provided Hostel Community Food and they need to wash their own dishes after eating.
  • We expect our Volunteers to maintain the dignity as a working professional and to be Disciplined throughout the tenure (Any misconduct will lead to termination of Volunteering tenure).
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