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About Us

“Life’s a book and those who don’t travel, read only a page!”


Awaraji is a travel revolutionizing community owned by Supersaiyan Private Limited. They connect a rover with hosts to make travelling more accessible and affordable. The word ‘awara’ in Hindi translates to ‘nomad’. With the vision to empower travelers & learners and motto-'Go out and Explore Yourself!', we provide 2 main services - travel volunteer and budget stays. They’re highly suitable for people who are looking to travel in an unconventional way like backpacking, solo travel or short getaways. Travel volunteering is simply like barter system. A traveller provides their skills for the host and the host provides food, accommodation, sometimes even local navigation and adventure activities etc. in turn. It is extremely budget-friendly yet an authentic mode of tourism, where one gets to interact with localites. Budget stays are simply pocket-friendly homestays, hostels or dormitories or BnBs. We believe that in this new-age of being unconventional is the main stream, travelling could be more fun and pocket-friendly while keeping sustainability and the planet in our priorities.

Why We Started?

In the wake of abundant mushrooming travel portals aiming to ease travellers’ pet peeves, this is a sincere attempt by a travel enthusiast, to contribute his share of experiences - both ups and downs - that allowed him to come across the technical gap between the providers and users and overcome them all to genuinely offer a one-stop solution for all things related to travel!

Everything that was needed is done in outright fashion, dedicating blood, sweat, and tears to bring this to fruition. This project isn’t only a soul-satisfier for the developer but also a doorway for the new wave of travellers to enjoy their travels with absolute ease. Our all-in-one portal allows users and hosts or service providers to come together on the same platform by leaps and bounds.

How It Works?

Our one-of-its-kind platform offers soup-to-nuts solution for hospitality of travellers or hospitality hub for travellers, where a traveller can stay by exchanging their culture (pro bono basis), offering their skillset (in lieu of getting an accommodation), and also, by directly booking a budget stay from our plethora of hostels, homestays, and guesthouse partners (usually for a reasonable amount) by integrating diverse travel solutions for diverse travellers’ needs.

The whole mechanism of the portal has been kept plain sailing, whereby even a newbie can easily signup and comprehend its usability, along with safeguarding their accounts from all external threats possible.

Facebook login is the preferred mode of signing up, being the easiest way to welcome authentic profiles, allowing us to have your basic details such as name, age, location, and gender.

For those looking to sign up with us as an organization or service providers, there is an easy-to-fill short form, enquiring about some relevant details.
For those looking to sign up with us as individuals, there is a separate form requiring basic details.

For those looking to sign up with us as host for work, there is another form requiring some information about the nature of your skillset.