I am Law student, travel enthusiast, a baker, a macrame artist, and much more. I have always loved trying something new and that's how I have learnt a lot of things in my life. I sometimes sell tie-dye T-shirts and also my macrame work. People always tell me to go with the flow but I have always decided how my life flows. I believe in taking risks and chances because if I don't I would never know what it would have led to. I have previously worked in Marketing and HR. I am also a very social and friendly person.

  • Creative art, Baking, Cooking, Driving,
  • Age: 22, Male
  • Escape from the real world. Companions who always stay by my side and are there for me.
  • Language: Hindi, English, Malayalam, Kannada
  • Indonesia, Thailand
Skills i have MarketingCooking / ShoppingFront Desk

Background Details

  • Occupation : Not working
  • Education : B.Com graduate. LLB student

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