I'm Meghana Raghuraj from Bangalore, India. I have completed my bachelor's in commerce and worked for a brief period at an ad agency before I realised my passion for art was stronger, and nothing made me feel more alive and purposeful. I believe art is everywhere, it helps us heal, make the most of life, learn and give back. I now practice as a freelance artist while learning about art and business through courses. I hope to travel, paint and experience life as it comes. Experiences, emotions, people and their walks of lives inspire me to create a style of abstract realistic art. I also enjoy photography, love dogs, skies, a little cooking and music.

  • Art and Photography
  • Age: 22, Female
  • They take us to a different world/ alternate paradigm. Recently I have read more philosophical books on life, while I enjoy many genres of music.
  • Language: English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu
  • Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand
Skills i have PainterMarketingCharity WorkArt ProjectTeaching

Background Details

  • Occupation : Freelance artist, wall muralist, student
  • Education : B.com

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