I am a passionate adventurer. From Childhood, I used to trek around my town near the river. As I grew up and got opportunities I go into cycling, some rock climbing, and Bike Racing as well. I was also working in Corporate for 2 years, but eventually, I realized, I was unable to give time for myself, for things that are of utmost importance to me, where I get adrenaline. So here I am, quitting my corporate life and switching towards where I feel I can serve my purpose!!

  • Gardening, Music, Digital Marketing, Photography, Videography, Blogging
  • Age: 23, Male
  • I read mostly fiction as I am not much in reading and fiction keeps me engaged. Music I like of all kinds depending on the mood
  • Language: English, Hindi, Marathi
  • India
Skills i have TechnicalMarketingCooking / ShoppingFarmstayHelp In The HouseAnimal CareHelping With TouristsCharity WorkHelp With Computers / InternetTeachingMeditaion/YogaPhotographyGuest Engagement

Background Details

  • Occupation : Mechanical Engineer, Marketing
  • Education : B.E. (Mechanical)

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