I"m a free-spirited guy who loves to travel and explore life in a raw way. I feel enthusiasm and courage are always a plus point. I believe in following my passions and inspiring people to do so. I love adventure. I like to be sarcastic and playful at times. What I really like about myself is I don't try to make a generalised approach towards things, I try to be more practical and situation-specific. Work at the time of work, have fun at other times.

  • Interests-Acting, Dancing, Photography, Sports. Desire to learn-Foreign languages. Regional languages. Martial arts. Gardening. Interior/Graphic designing. Cinematography. Fine Arts. Music instruments.
  • Age: 26, Male
  • Life would be so dull without them. They give so much meaning and depth to your life. And they are a treatment for the mind and the soul.
  • Language: English, Hindi
  • United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
Skills i have PainterConceptualMarketingGardeningCooking / ShoppingGeneral MaintenanceFarmstayHelp With Eco ProjectHelping With TouristsLanguage PracticeArt ProjectOtherDancePhotographyFront Desk

Background Details

  • Occupation : Actor
  • Education : Graduate in B.com (hons.). Pursuing MBA in International trade

Vaibhav Pal

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