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Required help with Data Science

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TechnicalMusic Instrument

Would love to learn about the various solutions for Kaggle problems.

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I am a fun loving, talkative person with a crazy passion for travelling around and making new friends. I love listening to music and want to learn lots of new tech stuff. I love taking a leap of faith into the unknown and find out if i love it. I live in Bangalore and am currently trying to find my passions except for travelling. Would love for people who would want to join me in my quest.

  • Music Instruments, Photography, Spanish language
  • Age: 23, Male
  • Love Alan Walker, Martin Garrix, also love K-Pop and even soft music is lovely
  • Language: English and Hindi
  • India
Skills i have TechnicalMarketingGardeningCooking / ShoppingAnimal CareCharity Work

Background Details

  • Occupation : Content Writer
  • Education : B.Tech

Arushi Sharma

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