Not hosting ! Just meeting new people through Awaraji with share different cultural experiences and have fun on different cool/happening places in Delhi.I want to meet new people from different cultures, sharing and learning new things, travel stories, to enhance my personal skills, to grow as a person, to explore different parts through local experiences and finally to enhance intellectual level with talking and discuss on various peaces of art, cinema etc.

  • I am big time foodie, I have tried different kinds of local as well as international cuisines in Delhi and Texas. I love cooking, watching some great cinema and follow true artists which I have appreciated and inspired through their performances, charact
  • Age: 29, Male
  • Music- Hip Hop, R ând B, Country music, New age and modern rock, romantic with old classic. Food blogs and watch some documentaries, world politics,
  • Language: Hindi, English
  • I can teach Hindi Language and preparation of cocktails. I can learn different culture and traditions and can share my culture and travel experiences
  • United States
Skills i have Cooking / ShoppingHelping With TouristsLanguage Practice

Background Details

  • Occupation : Process Developer
  • Education : B.Sc. Computer Science


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