Why hostel and home stays are better for you?

Jul, 12 2021 Posted By : Akshay Agarwal

What is life? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Well if you haven't, then now is the time!

Life is not just to exist, but to feel alive and enjoy every moment of it. Now you must be wondering that you already know this but we have another question for you. What makes you feel alive? What makes you feel that you do not just exist but live, experience, learn and grow?


Well, for us it is traveling. Traveling not only fulfills your desire to explore but also gives you an expected adrenaline rush and trust us, it is a good one! It is the one that stays with you forever, even if it is just in your memories. To travel is to get liberated. It is to understand the importance of your existence and that of everything around you.

While we all understand the importance of the role of travel in exploring and discovering our truest selves, we also understand that the same can be a challenge in times of a cash crunch. We understand that when anyone is out on a journey to explore themselves, nobody should face challenges just because of money inflow crunch. Hence, we are here with a solution that offers our travelers who have set out on such an important journey of going out and exploring themselves, overcome the obstacle of cash crunch.

The main expense of travel is that of the stays and transportation where the major budget goes in the stays bucket. Wondering how can you cut the mandatory stay expenses? Well, we are here to offer you some options for stays which not only solve your cash crunch issue but also help enhance your travel experience. As we all know that travel isn't just going from one place to another. It is experiencing, learning and growing from the journey of exploration. With that said hostel stays or home stays act as the best budgeted stays and mingling spots for travelers.

Now let’s look at the whys of choosing hostel stays and homestays over hotels.


Hostel Stays

1. Cost Effective Travel: The major role played by the hostel stays is in budget management. They are an excellent choice to cut on the extra cost of the investment one has to make in stays while traveling. These end up making the travel trip cost effective.

2. Interactive Environment (A no bore!): Hostel Stays give travelers an opportunity to not just manage the budget well but also interact with other fellow travelers, make friends and learn about a place in depth. This enhances the whole traveling and learning experience for individuals.

3. That feeling of Liberation: Hostel Stays also give travelers a sense of freedom and independence in a completely different way. This is also marvelous way to build personality and character. You get to choose your hostel stay and live life on your own terms too! So it is a pro and pro.

4. Networking Skills: The communication that one does while staying at hostel stays help in the development of social skills and allows travelers to network better. You can even stumble upon a chance to travel together in groups.

5. A Skilled and Better You: Traveling is a process of learning. Hence you can exchange some skills with your travel buddies that you meet in the hostels. This would help you in becoming a better version of yourselves.

Home Stays

1.     Budget Effective: As exciting and new as it sounds, choosing home stays also help in cutting the costs of stays while traveling. This is a way for budget management as well as a fulfilling experience. Time to plan a low cost vacation!

2.     Discovery of Self and more: Travel helps you to discover and improvise your real self in ways like nothing else can. By choosing home stays, you can not only enhance the experience in itself but learn so much more about the local people, their cultures and traditions and may end up discovering some unexplored beautiful places yet to make their place in the list of must go places.

3.     Warm Homely Meals: Home stays not just allow you to connect with the local people more, they also offer you with warm homely meals when you return tired. This lets you get a taste of the local dishes, spices and the food culture of the place. Sounds yummy already, doesn’t it?

4.     High on Cultural Exchange: Living with the locals is an exposure to their daily life, language, practices, beliefs and so much more. Home stays help you expand your mind’s openness and broadens your thinking capacity. It is an opportunity to learn and grow.

5.     New Friendships: Staying with the locals in home stays can help you bond with them as their home is your home away from home. You and your hosts can even end up being good friends for life in the process of staying together and growing together.

Hostel stays and Home stays are a way of having more affordable trips every now and then.

With the Covid second wave, it has been over a year that almost everyone is working from home and we know it can be boring. Traveling is something each one of us is looking forward to! Since the summers are already here, the scorching heat acts as an itch to go to hill stations and have some time away from home. If you end up running away to Manali, here’s where you can crash:


1.     Possiville, Manali: Possiville is a backpacker hostel stay in Manali, a home for travelers away from home, an office away from office for a few runaways and a delightful sight with a view of snow capped mountains, lovely sunrise and a dip in the lap of nature. It is your perfect staycation / work away from home. Imagine working with a view and experiencing nature in its natural and raw form. Sounds like a dream right? Well it is real and open for you to come and experience it all for yourself. You can choose to stay in a dorm room or a private one, you choose. Your pets are also welcome here. Possiville has an experimental kitchen where you can even improvise your culinary skills if that is what you want to do. With all this they also have various packages of outdoor activities which would not only bring adventure to your trip but would also give you a chance to experience it with people from around the world amidst all the chaos. So if you go to Manali, don’t forget to experience Possivillie, an adventure in disguise of a beautiful premise!

Well if you don’t plan on going to Manali yet and end up in Dehradun, here’s where you should crash for a marvelous experience:

2.     Sun & Soil Farms: In the mesmerizing city of Dehradun, Sun & Soil Farms is a backpacker hostel, and a community of driven travelers. With the basic amenities including in house kitchen, coolers, parking space, home grown food, power backup and Wi-Fi, the hostel also has activity rooms. This lets you get the exposure to interact with the fellow travelers and maybe make some new exciting friends. The hostel stay also has an organic store of its own where they sell water bottles, jugs and mugs all made from Bamboo. It is perfect for those who live by the principle of Green & Organic Living. The place has a vibe that would push you towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle, the one that was originally meant to be. Along with all of the above they have various packages to make one’s travel experience more authentic and exciting. So are you all up for some Sun & Soil only at Sun & Soil Farms? If yes, then take a bus or a plane and come experience life the organic way!


With hostel stays and home stays at your rescue, traveling can be more affordable and accessible to so many more people. We believe that everyone should grab a chance to disconnect with the hustle and bustle of daily life, take a break, rejuvenate and reconnect with oneself in order to truly live and feel alive. So what are you waiting for?





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